Strowger switch

This is a strowger switch

What is a Strowger?

The Strowger Switch is the fundamental element behind every modern day telephone system – Invented by Almon Strowger – Died 1902  This site is dedicated to the Strowger Switch and to Almon Strowger – his family, his company, his military career, his inventions, his investments, and his legacy.

He basically went head-to-head with the Bell phone companies and won.  Back in those days, everyone was claiming to be an inventor and trying to stand up against the Bell Company.  Bell was known to have been very savvy and the courts seldom, if ever let Bell lose… However, Strowger didn’t sue Bell; he innovated and Bell tried to sue him, and lost.

The history of Almon Brown Strowger is an interesting one indeed.

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